Command and Control Centers

  • Department of Justice Building, State of California: designed criminal crisis center facility housing electronic communication and CCTV monitors.
  • Emergency Response Center, Napa Valley, California: designed this facility to house a complete office, with telephones and TV monitors, for relocation of the California State Government in case of an emergency.
  • Federal Department of Justice Crisis Center, Washington, DC: consulted on design of this facility which includes TV monitors, communication, video, and hypothetical modeling.
  • Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC) Crisis Center, Washington, DC: designed the HQMC crisis center to include CCTV, communication, meeting room wall displays, and a rear screen projector.
  • PATH Command and Control Center, New Jersey: visited and studied PATH Command and Control Center in New Jersey. Frank reviewed the command and control center for PAT and the Virginia Highway Center transportation management system (TMS).
  • Elizabeth River Tunnel, Norfolk, Virginia: designed the Elizabeth River Tunnel command and control CCTV monitor room for VDOT.