National Institutes of Health

  • NIH Building 4: Renovation of Laboratories at B2, First, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor, and cage wash area on the B2 level.
  • NIH Building 6A: Renovation of Laboratory 2A15.
  • NIH Building 7: Renovation of Laboratory 117.
  • NIH Building 8: A,E services to replace existing emergency generator and renovate emergency power system, Renovation of Laboratories on B1 and B2 level, and evaluation of existing electrical distribution system
  • NIH Building 9: Renovation of Laboratories, 5 modules.
  • NIH Building 10: Renovation of electrical distribution systems.
  • NIH Building 13: Architectural Renovation and replacement of emergency power system and generator, Modification and replacement of sewer piping and steam pressure reducing stations, and renovation of office areas, etc.
  • NIH Building 14: Renovation of existing buildings, replacement of HVAC systems and upgrade electrical systems including replacement of ten Air Handling Units.
  • NIH Building 21 & 22: Renovation of existing buildings, and replacement of HVAC systems and Water Piping including three Air Handling Units.
  • Building 29 & 30: HVAC Engineering Study and replacement of all mixing boxes and fan coil units.
  • Building 31: Renovation of Room 3B19 thru 3B23.
  • Building 36: Penthouse Plan & Exhaust fan addition.
  • Building 37: Renovation of Offices.
  • Building 41: Upgrade of steam distribution system and Evaluation of electrical distribution system.
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